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A fishing tip isn’t a tactic, like knowing fish migration, or a strategy like tying the right fly, but it is as exact solution to a problem. In fact the tip, ideally should allow room for your own creativity to embellish it, and lets not forget it should be uncomplicated, relativity cheap, all aimed at making your fishing experience a good one that allows you to catch more fish. It is advice you can fish by.

From the inception of mankind there have been fishermen with their fishing tips: tips that have been passed on from one fishing generation to the next, maybe losing something in the translation, but passed along none the less. Several of these tips and tricks can be found in fishing magazines, books and on the Internet in various places.

You can be sure that not all the information you find on fishing tips and their worth has been scientifically tested; some may only have worked once, or work by pure luck. Some are just common knowledge gleaned from the best fishermen around because they just know what to do. Some are just invented because this is the world of free enterprise and everyone is trying to make a buck, or catch a fish, so to speak.

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This web site is for you, the Freshwater Fisherman who wants to share advice,  fishing experience, tips and secrets with the world. Post your stories about the one that got away, rate your equipment, favorite fishing hole, your favorite fish recipe or whatever catches your fancy.

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