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Fish Sense – Do fish have ears?


Fish have most of the five senses we do: vision, hearing, taste, smell but not touch. However they do have Lateral Line, which we do not. This 5th sense allows fish to find and detect the size of the their predator or prey, swim in compact schools and determine speed and direction of movement, as lateral line perceives movement and vibration in the surrounding water .

Fish are able to see brightness and color. Large Mouth Bass appear to have good color vision, and when near the surface of the water on a bright day, these fish may have the same range of color as you do. Some fish, like Walleyes, are limited to shades of red or green, However if the fish cannot see a certain color (as color is filtered out by water depth) they can identify an object.

Fish do not have external ears. They do however have an inner ear, and can hear sounds. Unlike vision and hearing they do have a highly developed sense of smell. Salmon for example, use this extraordinary sense of smell to track the odor of their home stream, from hundreds of miles away. Using smell, as with their lateral line, fish can detect predator or prey.

It is believed that fish do not have a highly developed sense of taste, although some fish taste food before eating it.

Tips from the fish sense, don’t bang you’re tackle box when fishing, because the fish will hear and feel the vibration and avoid the area. For Bass in muddy water, use noise making bait, or stink bait for those fish that react to smell, such as the Catfish.